Ligon PTA

Ligon GT Magnet Middle School 2017-2018 PTA

Ligon General PTA Board Meeting, February 21, 2018

Ligon General PTA Board Meeting

February 21, 2018


In Attendance

Leslie Howes

Kelly Kelly

April Dopler

Bob Bradley

Patricia Brezny

Karey Harwood

Heather Broszwhite

Stuart Davidson

Cecilia Joyce

Gretta Dula

Amanda Mueller

Lexie Serrrano

Rhebia Heyward

Zeel Patel


Meeting Convened at 7:30 AM


Budget-Kelly Kelly

8th grade funds are still coming in and there will be a formal and imax movie at the end of the year.

Last year they raised over $9,000 and we still have a little carry over from last year.

8th grade dance is a little prom like.

PTA is looking into purchasing cameras for security and Wake County Security will give us specs.

We did not receive the grant for the flexible learning space, however the pta is still working with Ms Dula to see what or how we can help.

Teacher grants are coming along nicely and new tvs were purchased for the orchestra, band, and chorus rooms (we need to be comparable to other magnets which have these features).


Membership-Kristi Wilson and Heather York

There are 340 PTA members and if you would like to go to member hub and sign up, please do so.

March 13th is the Magnet fair for incoming 6th graders and we will try to recruit members there too.


Food Arc Junior Club-Cecelia Joyce

We are a go!  Trying to get a club organized with a strong teacher lead.  The $1500 grant from Enloe is helping with the industrialized cooler.  Hoping to model our food arc with the one from Enloe and Broughton.  Our vision is for this to be student run.  Aiming to have a grand opening with Kristin Cooper and Wake County Commissioner Jessica Holmes.


Box Tops-Kelly Foglia

Ms. Cesari is in the lead.  Random name will get a target gift card.


Hospitality-Jen Joyner

Soup and salads were a big hit!  We are hosting another luncheon on March 2nd.  Bus driver cookies were really nice!


8th grade events-Julie Bell

8th grade events contact is Julie Bell and it would be great if we can get more help.  The gym is completely transformed and no parents are in the dance part of it


Bolt for the Blue-Leslie Howes

April 29th is the big day!  Website is up and running!  Still hoping to get auction items, raffles, and sponsors.

We will have spirit nights coming up before hand.  Panera in North Hills, Brixx Pizza in Cameron Village, and B.Good in North Hills.  Possible Pappa Murphys during spring break.

Run Club will be Wednesdays after school.  It will be run by Ms Cesari and Ms Flythe.  Last year, they had 12 participants.

5k, 1 mile, and will have prizes for top male and top female winners.

Raising money for food arc junior.


Book Fair-April Dopler and Lexie Serrano

Ms Cesari won the coin challenge.  Entire school raised $1300.00.  48 books were purchased for kids in need.

Hoping to get kids to the store to purchase those books.

We had 60 art pieces on display between 2d and 3d.

If there is any money left, we will reach out to teachers.


LAB (Ligon Arts Boosters) Heather Brosz White

We are grateful for the PTA and LAB partnership.

We had several Reflections exhibits this year.

Ceremony will be at Martin Middle and 3 winners from Ligon.

Spring musical Oklahoma kicks off this week.

Vouchers for kids that are in theatre.

Ticket sales need to be done by teachers but need help for concessions.

Online auction needs more bids!  Last year, $4200 was generated.


Principal’s Update-Ms. Dula

Ligon is in the process of doing a lockdown drill within two weeks.  The entire school will lock down and command central will be in her office.  All cameras will be looked at to see any movement.  Someone will be on call with 911 and someone will be on call with Wake County Security.  After the drill, vulnerable areas will be discussed. Area that needs practice is lunch.  After the drill, Ms Dula will make a phone call.  Staff will be briefed at the end of the day.

Last week a rumor started via snap chat from a conversation in a bathroom.  Please do not snap chat and let an adult know if there is something wrong.

Our numbers are up from last year.


Announcements-Leslie Howe

The Beast will be performing Monday through a United Arts Council Grant

Career Day is in need of volunteers!  Please contact Tia Newkirk.

If there is carpool interest, please contact Karen.

Next PTA meeting will be March 21st


Bob B.

MSEN will take a field trip to Universal Studios to see the behind the scenes work in April.

Ligon Robotics went to Combs Elementary.

NC State surplus has a lot of good stuff going on sale in April or May.


8:45 AM Adjournment

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