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Ligon GT Magnet Middle School 2017-2018 PTA

10-18-17 PTA Meeting Minutes

10-18-2017 Ligon PTA Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Leslie Howes, Ligon PTA President.
Budget Review was done. While staff development is over on budget line, there is funding left in mini grants to pull from.
Teacher grants of $3000 awarded so far:
Battle of Books, Mural SE Hallway, 2 Spanish teachers to World Language Conference, 2 Counselors to NC Counselor’s Conference, Microphones for Mr. Jones, Sound evaluation being done in Auditorium, FFA memberships for 50 students & planters for FFA, AIG conference for Avery, National dance conference for Mora, RAMP for Garcia, 3 other grants are in the approval process.

Membership by Kristi Wilson. LMS PTA is still accepting membership applications throughout the year. 333 Ligon PTA memberships have been sold. 313 Parents and 20 staff. Member Hub is now being set up because the NCPTA is going to require schools to use this. 10-12 magnets will be delivered to families who have purchased memberships. Will be adding info to newsletter regarding buying extra magnets. Member Hub manages communications and calendar but is not being fully utilized this year. The teachers can use it to make their own clubs and communicate. We can add a note to teachers to join PTA. PTA will be presenting Member Hub to the teachers for next year launch. PTA will be building their site and putting in communication tools over the course of this year.

Phantom Fundraiser: We are a little over ½ way at $11,133.80. The Fall Challenge netted $3300 so far. Ms. Bradfield’s class is ahead. She has offered a sweet treat to her students in addition to choice lunch seating.

Food Ark Jr.: Cecelia Joyce. This is in a holding pattern. It is an offshoot of Enlow and Broughton HS Food Ark. This is a student run organization that has food, supplies and clothing for families in need. It encompasses the LMS garden club, Student Council and NJHS. It will provide cooking skills and gardening skills for all students and families. Parents may need to contact Wake County to reach out and get this moving. The current space allotted in LMS doesn’t have air conditioning and cannot pass inspection to house food. We are waiting for the A/C to be fixed or to be moved to a different space. We are using backpack buddies while waiting for space.

Box tops continue.

Book Fair: Lexie Serrano met with Barnes and Noble. The dates are set for Sunday Dec 10th – Sat Dec 16. Ligon night is Dec 11th from 6-8pm. Choir and Band will be performing in cafe area and theatre will be performing in children’s section. There will be Teacher Wish Lists and several motivational ideas were discussed for encouraging teachers to fill them out. There were also student rewards discussed for receipts of book purchased. Discussion also centered around how to get other clubs to participate like Chess Club, Science Olympiad, Food Ark, MSEN. Ligon will be taking a gift card for percentage of book sales to be given to the library. There will be a sponsorship for books for kids in need.

Bolt for the Blue and Health Fair will be held Sunday April 29, 2018. It supplies funding for Food Ark Jr. Jan 15th paper registrations will be printed. They are currently looking for sponsorships from companies. A company logo can be on the back of the t-shirts if they have it by April 10 2018. Please contact any companies to help sponsor.

Still have PTA needs:
VP Health & Wellness
8th Grade Representative to assist
Book Fair Volunteers

Reflections theme this year is “Within Reach”. We are still in need of a coordinator.

We are working on updating website.

Facebook page is open: Ligon PTA

Early release is this Friday Oct 20th 2017

Next PTA meeting is Nov 15th 2017 at 7:30am in Media Center.

Kathy Dobill

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