Ligon PTA

Ligon GT Magnet Middle School 2017-2018 PTA

PTA Meeting Minutes April 11, 2018

April 17, 2018 by Stuart Davidson

Ligon PTA General Meeting

April 11, 2018


In Attendance

Zeel Patel

Leslie Howes

Jen Joyner

Kristi Wilson

Julie Bell

Dragana Mendel

April Doplar

Kelly Kelly

Patricia Brezny

Cecilia Joyce

Rhebia Hayward

Vicki Parker

Gretta Dula

Pam Douglas

Meeting Convened at 7:30 AM



Kelly Kelly

Still awaiting 3 matching checks to come in for phantom fundraiser. 8th grade events are around $2500 and half of that goes towards t shirts. Amount looks less than last year but they started collecting money earlier. School improvement is a little over but keeping that as it is so we can determine better for next year what budget should look like. Peace Poles project is under way. Teacher grants are gaining in popularity and working out well.

8th Grade Events

Julie Bell

Committee has met and has started the process. A little slow on money coming in. Hooray for Hollywood is the theme. Ms. Bradfield may send an email to the 8th grade parents. June 1st is the formal. Still decided on 8th grade legacy. Some items being considered are more technology or fresh coat of paint for the 8th grade hallway.

Food Arc

Cecilia Joyce

Grand Opening was awesome! More than 50 people came, including Roxy Cash, First Lady Kristin Cooper, Wake County Commissioner, and Student Speakers. Thank you to Mr. Bishop for letting us use the space. Our main challenge will be funding because the budget will be double that of back pack buddies. We are told to budget at least 7k. Food Arc Club will possibly partner with a fraternity from St. Augustine College. Ms. Sutton is looking into this. This year we are fully funded. Possibly starting a toiletry drive next week.


Bolt for the Blue

Leslie Howes

Silent Auction starts next Wednesday and ends race day. We had our first drawing and Mr. Misuraca won. 8th grade student also won. Spirit nights have started. Bolt Run Club has started for 3 Wednesdays. We are in need of Street Crossers. Loco Pops will be on hand.


PTA Updates

Leslie Howes

Black Box Theatre Company coming on April 18th. The whole school will get to view performance. Ligon Arts Boosters are in need of help for next year. Please consider helping them. Member Hub will be introduced via newsletter in May. You can join PTA through member hub.


Principal’s Update

Gretta Dula

Ligon is one of 38 schools in the country to be recognized for national Magnet honor so Ms. Dula will miss the Bolt for the Blue. Ligon had to pass through 8 standards but we did it! Please fill out the Wake County Schools survey that is sent out. Very proud of the Arts department and its recent accolades. Prior to 2010 we had allotment for 3 Aps. Del Burns is trying to work with budget and get us more funding.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 AM

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Ligon PTA Meeting Minutes 3/21/18

March 28, 2018 by Stuart Davidson

Ligon GT Magnet Middle School

PTA General Meeting




In Attendance

Zeel Patel

Cristine Kardas

April Doplar

Stuart Davidson

Ilina Ewen

Jackee Franks

Rhebia Hayward

Valerie Jong

Colleen Frazer

Patricia Brezny

Kathy Dobi

Vicki Parker

Cecilia Joyce

Jill Steffey

Pam Douglas

Anne Waechter

Cheryl Clark

Raymond Clark

Leslie Howes


Meeting Convened at 7:30 AM



Box Tops brought in $260.00. Three TVs were purchased for the arts wings. Ms. Todd’s room has a new 75 inch tv. Funds from Principal’s Discretionary fund went towards small gift cards at Christmas. We have bought magnets and will be selling them throughout the year. Zoe’s Kitchen catered for the teachers during the magnet fair.


Food Arc Junior:

Grand opening for the food arc will be on 3/28 at 4 pm. First lady Ms. Kristin Cooper will be on hand to cut the ribbon. Food Arc is open to any WCPSS family that is food insecure.   There will be clothing items, toiletries and school supplies. Ligon has the first middle school food arc in all of Wake County. If you would like to attend the grand opening, please rsvp soon. Two weeks after spring break, the food arc junior club will have a toiletry drive. Kudos to all involved and for our faculty member, Ms. Gregg (8th grade science teacher)




8th Grade Graduation:

This event will be great! Committees have already started to meet. Art Club will help with decorations. Each student will have their name on a star (like Hollywood walk of fame) Photo booth is something we are waiting on to see where our funds are at. 8th grade homerooms have google forms to see what they would like to give back to Ligon as they graduate to high school. We are taking dress donations and dress shirts and ties to help kids dress up.   Parent reps will contact Wake County’s project Cinderella as well. Larger sizes are needed more.


Bolt for the Blue:

We are getting closer to our fundraiser for our food arc. The Bolt Run Club will start meeting in April for 3 Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30. There will be spirit Days that will occur prior to the Bolt for the Blue. The dates are April 11-Panera, April 18-Brixx, April 25th-BGood. On race day we will have loco pops available for purchase and a percentage of sales will come back to help with the food arc. Student Auction will be April 18-29. The Registration is open for the Race. Please check out the Bolt for the Blue website for more details. Thank you to all involved in making this event a success every year!



Cultural Arts will have the Black Box Dance Company perform.

Board Positions are still open for 2018-19 and if you or anyone is interested, please let Leslie Howes know. Currently working on the flexible learning space. Ms. Newkirk made a survey and met to brainstorm on what would work in that space.


PTA Meeting Adjourned at 8:03 AM for BeSmart Presentation.


BeSmart Presentation by Lauren Hauser on Gun Safety in the Home. For more information on what you can do to keep kids safe, visit



Next PTA Meeting April 11, 2018











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Ligon General PTA Board Meeting, February 21, 2018

February 28, 2018 by Stuart Davidson

Ligon General PTA Board Meeting

February 21, 2018


In Attendance

Leslie Howes

Kelly Kelly

April Dopler

Bob Bradley

Patricia Brezny

Karey Harwood

Heather Broszwhite

Stuart Davidson

Cecilia Joyce

Gretta Dula

Amanda Mueller

Lexie Serrrano

Rhebia Heyward

Zeel Patel


Meeting Convened at 7:30 AM


Budget-Kelly Kelly

8th grade funds are still coming in and there will be a formal and imax movie at the end of the year.

Last year they raised over $9,000 and we still have a little carry over from last year.

8th grade dance is a little prom like.

PTA is looking into purchasing cameras for security and Wake County Security will give us specs.

We did not receive the grant for the flexible learning space, however the pta is still working with Ms Dula to see what or how we can help.

Teacher grants are coming along nicely and new tvs were purchased for the orchestra, band, and chorus rooms (we need to be comparable to other magnets which have these features).


Membership-Kristi Wilson and Heather York

There are 340 PTA members and if you would like to go to member hub and sign up, please do so.

March 13th is the Magnet fair for incoming 6th graders and we will try to recruit members there too.


Food Arc Junior Club-Cecelia Joyce

We are a go!  Trying to get a club organized with a strong teacher lead.  The $1500 grant from Enloe is helping with the industrialized cooler.  Hoping to model our food arc with the one from Enloe and Broughton.  Our vision is for this to be student run.  Aiming to have a grand opening with Kristin Cooper and Wake County Commissioner Jessica Holmes.


Box Tops-Kelly Foglia

Ms. Cesari is in the lead.  Random name will get a target gift card.


Hospitality-Jen Joyner

Soup and salads were a big hit!  We are hosting another luncheon on March 2nd.  Bus driver cookies were really nice!


8th grade events-Julie Bell

8th grade events contact is Julie Bell and it would be great if we can get more help.  The gym is completely transformed and no parents are in the dance part of it


Bolt for the Blue-Leslie Howes

April 29th is the big day!  Website is up and running!  Still hoping to get auction items, raffles, and sponsors.

We will have spirit nights coming up before hand.  Panera in North Hills, Brixx Pizza in Cameron Village, and B.Good in North Hills.  Possible Pappa Murphys during spring break.

Run Club will be Wednesdays after school.  It will be run by Ms Cesari and Ms Flythe.  Last year, they had 12 participants.

5k, 1 mile, and will have prizes for top male and top female winners.

Raising money for food arc junior.


Book Fair-April Dopler and Lexie Serrano

Ms Cesari won the coin challenge.  Entire school raised $1300.00.  48 books were purchased for kids in need.

Hoping to get kids to the store to purchase those books.

We had 60 art pieces on display between 2d and 3d.

If there is any money left, we will reach out to teachers.


LAB (Ligon Arts Boosters) Heather Brosz White

We are grateful for the PTA and LAB partnership.

We had several Reflections exhibits this year.

Ceremony will be at Martin Middle and 3 winners from Ligon.

Spring musical Oklahoma kicks off this week.

Vouchers for kids that are in theatre.

Ticket sales need to be done by teachers but need help for concessions.

Online auction needs more bids!  Last year, $4200 was generated.


Principal’s Update-Ms. Dula

Ligon is in the process of doing a lockdown drill within two weeks.  The entire school will lock down and command central will be in her office.  All cameras will be looked at to see any movement.  Someone will be on call with 911 and someone will be on call with Wake County Security.  After the drill, vulnerable areas will be discussed. Area that needs practice is lunch.  After the drill, Ms Dula will make a phone call.  Staff will be briefed at the end of the day.

Last week a rumor started via snap chat from a conversation in a bathroom.  Please do not snap chat and let an adult know if there is something wrong.

Our numbers are up from last year.


Announcements-Leslie Howe

The Beast will be performing Monday through a United Arts Council Grant

Career Day is in need of volunteers!  Please contact Tia Newkirk.

If there is carpool interest, please contact Karen.

Next PTA meeting will be March 21st


Bob B.

MSEN will take a field trip to Universal Studios to see the behind the scenes work in April.

Ligon Robotics went to Combs Elementary.

NC State surplus has a lot of good stuff going on sale in April or May.


8:45 AM Adjournment

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PTA Meeting Minutes January 10, 2018

January 17, 2018 by Stuart Davidson

Meeting Convened at 7:35 AM

Kelly Kelly
-First box tops check of $266.90 has been received
-Income should show $500 more due to a donation and then there will be a matching grant of that as well which will go towards the phantom fundraiser. The original $500 will go towards the food arc or back pack buddies.
-Grant approved for Mr. White and software purchases will be made
-Grant for tvs for arts wings is also approved
-All of the new technology will be tied in with Wake County software

Book Fair
April Dopler and Lexie Serrano
-Coin challenge was a tremendous success. $1285.80 was raised and 48 books, 16 per grade, will go to students that teachers have helped designate. The kids will get to choose their own book.
-Mr. Misuraca sent an email on how well the coin challenge went.
-Winners were:
6th grade Cesari 70% ($658.44)
7th grade Laffey, Regan and Leosa 75% ($451.51)
8th grade Bradfill 36% ($165.76)
-Each winning class also gets a book of their choice and pizza party
-Gift-wrapping also brought in $237.49.
-Barnes and Noble gift card has a value of $1,190.00

-Total Income from the Book Fair has been $2,712.79
-Teachers will use google docs and give input on what kids like

Heather White
-First year that Ligon was represented at Reflections
-7 Participants and 3 placed
-3 students and will go on to compete
-Due to turnover at the county level, we did not receive one of our art pieces.

Box Tops
Kelly Foglia
-March 1st is the next submissions deadline
-Target gift card drawing for kids that bring in submissions
-Homeroom with the most submissions will get a donut party

Jen Joyner
-Funning along nicely
-December the teachers had a catered lunch from Golden Corral and the teachers loved it! The rolls were a super hit!
-Cookie Exchange was a lot of fun and teachers got a container and were able to take home a dozen cookies
-Snacks every first Monday for our teachers and this month were veggies!
-Bus driver appreciation is coming up and they’ll get bus driver cookies and a gift card
-Career Day we will need a catered lunch
-Mr. Avery our crossing guard will get a special treat and gift card. Powell Elem has nominated him for best cross guard(look for him on facebook)

Food Arc Junior
Cecelia Joyce (could not attend)
-The head of Facilities is working with us to find a suitable locations for our food arc.
-The back pack buddies program is still ongoing during this time

Flexible Learning Space
Kelly Kelly, Vickie Parker, and Leslie Howes
-The vision of Ligon is to have a flexible learning space that teachers can check out when needed and students can work at their leisure
-The old computer lab is the room where this space is planned for
-Leslie and admin visited other schools to see how Ligon can also benefit from it
-There is a grant available from Wake County for $10k that Vicki Parker is working hard towards
-However, the PTA will be able to help if needed
-Looking at the possibility of having student input along with teacher input

Bolt of the Blue
Leslie Howes and Cecelia Joyce
-Sunday, April 29th 1-4 PM
-Currently have two sponsors, Adam Peele and Equity Finance
-In Kind donations (raffle items) would be recognized on website
-We will have spirit nights leading up to the race, one at Brixx
-Run Club will be led by Ms. Flythe and Ms. Cesari. It will be Wednesdays after school
-Looking into getting people for the booths that are not trying to sell but offer wellness tips
-Red Cross can donate up to $10 per pint of blood donation and we will look into that possibility of doing a blood drive along with the 5k

Volunteers are needed for Sports boosters concession stands and to help at the magnet showcase.

Check website for the next Principal’s Coffee
Next General PTA meeting will be 2/21/18

Adjournment at 8:30 AM

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PTA Meeting Minutes November 15, 2017

December 7, 2017 by Stuart Davidson

Meeting called to order by Leslie Howes.

Kelly Kelly gave an update on the current budget. The budget will change periodically due to check returns The PTA has been funding a lot more grants. The teachers are responding to this well. The PTA will be purchasing 50 in screen TV’s for the Art’s Rooms to be able to see their videos for curriculum related learning. Box Tops money ~$260 will be coming in March. There will be another fundraiser push in Jan-Feb. There will be a discussion about a contest for box-tops in the spring.

Jen Joyner updated on Hospitality. There were pies at the staff meeting. The teachers are happy with their Friday food. A lunch for staff will be catered in Dec. There will be a cookie exchange in Dec. There will be a sign-up genius coming and will be asking for 2 dozen cookies so each staff member will take home a dozen. There is a Thanksgiving theme this week for the teacher coffee.

Cecelia Joyce updated on the Food Ark. Backpack buddies is transitioning to a Food Ark Jr recap. It will encompass a student run garden. We will partner with Inner Faith Food Shuttle. We are waiting for Wake County to approve a reallocation of room. There is a Giving Tree on Giving Tuesday. There will be an Angel Tree for donation information. There is still discussion about who will be in charge of the garden. Ms Lopez was in charge but took a new position outside of Ligon Middle School. Patrick Falkner, the new Ag Teacher will be asked to assist. He is in charge of the FFA.

Lexie Serrano gave an update on the Barnes & Noble Book Fair being held at Crabtree Valley Mall on Dec 10-16. Ligon night will be Monday night Dec 11th. There will be coin collecting all week Dec 4-8. The Student Council And NJHS will be volunteering to wrap presents in the evenings. There will be a “Dress as your favorite book character” day on Monday Dec 11th. The best dressed in each grade will have lunch with Ms Dula and Mr Fletcher to fly the drone. The teachers will create a wishlist of the books they would like to see in the library and each book will have a “teacher’s choice” label added to it. We will be receiving a B&N gift card instead of cash. The PTA will assist with getting books and assisting the librarian. On Monday Dec 11th there will be Arts demonstrations. Chorus from 6-6:30, Drama 6:45-7:15, and Band from 7-7:30pm.

Ms Dula gave a principal update. Thank you to the PTA for all teacher workshop support & conferences. Thursday LMS is doing tours. She would like to talk to any parent PTA meetings. The teacher of the year is Grace Derstine. 35 students made All-District Band. Dec 1 is another principal coffee. ELA will be talking about new curriculum coming next year. It is at 7:30am im the media center Mr Sharp will continue as the interim 6th grade AP through June. Interviewing is going on to replace the 8th grade Science teacher.

Announcements : The art teacher turned into 7 Reflections projects. MSEN is a class elective. The parent advisor updated: any students can go to Saturday academies. Apply through NC State. Classes held 10 Saturdays through the year and meet at POE Hall on the NC State campus.

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